Design a Plan of Action


Coach Laturi at Sauna Start Up, Helsinki, during the conference.

how can we get better result in our process development?

We can fail, fail a lot, if we do not focus on testing our idea. Our process must follow a concrete plan of actions. It will be our understanding, the guide for the success.  There is no point in thinking that on wait next week or in next year to deliver a product. our must must be to consider what is the problem of our customer. By identifying the customer pain, we design our business model, our product and service.

Have you ever pay attention to what our kids do when they are creating something?

They think, they design and then test. When they realize it does not work, they design and test again, till the point they have the best result. This idea of design and test must be part of our path.

Then, think, design and test …


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