Get Smart People Around You


Kristoffer Lawson Kristoffer decided to become a startup entrepreneur since he was nine, he told during a conference last month. Out of a myriad of innovative software that he has designed, one has grown to be Holvi. Holvi it was a startup with big ideas and aspirations. Today it is one of the new solution for modern banking.

One of the most significant experience that this half Irish and Finn entrepreneur share with us. He said

team is the key of the success, not any product. You can have the greatest product but no so great team, it is the same thing as having a shitty product. My advice it is, get smart people around you, smarter than you are. This way you have the brightest minds around you.

Sometimes it is just chance, or it seems like it was meant to be. It was for a case, as Kristoffer told us, that he met Mikko Teerenhovi, actual Lead Designer of Holvi, that completed his team to turn it into great.


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