Lean Canvas is Understanding Problems

Lean Canvas, by Ash Maurya, is a tactical plan that guides entrepreneur from the ideation of the product and service to build a successful start up.  The objective is to make actionable the design of the goals. What does it mean? The idea is to capture in our design the most uncertain process that turns to be risky situation on the development of the idea. Most of the Start up fails, but not for the reason that they do not set out to build, but for the simple reason that during the process they lose time, money and effort to build the wrong product. What is the solution? The Lean Canvas contributes to understand this lack from the start point. Ash Maurya explains us the problem box chart, that helps entrepreneur the understanding problem process. Once we understand the problem we are in a better position to define solution.



Every box must be fitted with problems, and every problem must be solved in order to navigate into the next box and understanding problem process. This Canvas is directed to the entrepreneur that can take advantage using it by validating and documenting every single step. This process will help to avoid or better reduce the risks.

More info: Ash Maurya Blog



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